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Some tips If You want to see A football match at Stadium

As I promised in the last post that I would start to create articles in English words. This is my first article in English.

Football has become the most popular sport in our country. Although our national team now not in good performance but it still need our support. Watch live football games in the stadium gives a different sensation than watching at television. As a supporters from Persib Maung Bandung watch play in the stadium was to be my agenda in every month. Conditions at the stadium is very crowd with extraordinary emotional it become a magnet to come again and again. For you who want to go to a stadium , here I give you some tips that may be useful


1 . Wear Team Attributes which you support

First Use Attribute team who was in the match. Do not wear a persita jersey when you watch match of Persib Vs Persija….Its not funny my friend.

2 . Wear clothes that are comfortable as possible

Wear clothes that make you to move freely & not too hot or cold.  I usually wear long T-Shirt  & baggy jeans. Don’t wear sandals, you should wear comfortable shoes to avoid trampled other supporters.

3 . Wear a hat or helmet

The situation in the stadium is unpredictable sometimes safe suddenly became chaos. Bottle Throwing or flares sometimes occur so protect your head by wearing a hat or helmet.

4. Bring a small bag

Small bags are useful for storing items that you usually take, for example keys, towel or phone. Make sure your bag is affordable

Finally , Win or lose your team it doesn’t mean if you always support them

Please be careful………………. (@Rimba_rusli)


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